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 Your Job 

 hasn’t been raised? 

IMServ’s SLA for all jobs to be raised on receipt of a D0142 or manual equivalent is +1 full working day.

Is the job to exchange an existing meter?

If you are in receipt of meter details sent from IMServ, this means we have received them from the previous Meter Operator in order to send them onto you. As such, not having meter details is not the reason for your job not being raised in this scenario. if you have not received them, then please view the Meter Details page for further information.


How do you raise jobs with us?

Have you sent us a D0142 or the manual equivalent to prompt us to raise your job? If you have, then have you included all the required information that we need to enable us to raise a job? Click here for more information on what is required. If you haven’t, please send us a D0142 or the manual equivalent.


Is the Registration date in the future?

IMServ will only raise a job after the Registration date has been reached.

Any additional queries can be supported by our Service Management Team.

Alternatively any emergency jobs need to follow the correct process or normal scheduling queries will be supported by our Work Management Team.

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