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 Post Installation - 

 SMETS Electricity Meter 

During the installation, IMServ MOP will attempt the meter commissioning process but sometimes comes across issues that we cannot resolve. We may need to contact you during the installation process to request that you contact your DCC Adaptor provider asking that ‘active messages’ be terminated, when this occurs a prompt response is necessary to try to ensure the meter is commissioned whilst we are at site and to avoid repeat site visits.


After a SMETS meter has been installed, IMServ MOP expect to receive a D0367 to inform us of the meter configuration.


If we do not receive the D0367 then we will be unable to issue the D0149 and

D0150 Meter Details.


In the majority of cases, a SMETS meter will have been installed and successfully commissioned with the DCC, the D0367 will arrive from the Supplier and the Meter Details flows will be released by IMServ.



If you have checked all of the above and are still having some issues, please contact

our Metering Team.

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