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 (Code ‘Z’) 

If you have received a D0261 rejection flow from IMServ using the code “Z”, this would usually refer to a mismatch in the market you have appointed us compared to the meter information held.

If a half hourly appointment is sent, but the current meter details list as a non half hourly meter type (RCAMR, RCAMY and N) it is unlikely that IMServ can accept the appointment.


If we did accept that appointment, it is very unlikely that we are able to issue the correct meter details, as IMServ holding a NHH meter type suggests the previously appointed MOP will not hold the HH meter details that we would need to send the supplier.

If you do have the correct market meter details (D0268 for HH and D0149/D0150 for NHH) then please contact our Metering team and they can then accept the appointment if the D0155 is re sent.

If you do not hold the correct details a CoMC may be required, which will need the assistance of our Metering Team also.

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