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 MPAN Registration 

Due to system processing, it can take up to 10 working days for IMServ to process a

Change of Agent and 2 working days for a Change of Supply from receipt of a D0155.


Has your Registration been Accepted?

If your D0155 has been accepted we will issue a D0011 flow and will need the Supplier to issue a D0148 flow back to IMServ. Your MPAN will not progress past this stage until this D0148 flow has been issued.

Has your Registration been Rejected?

If your D0155 has been rejected IMServ will issue a D0261 flow to the Supplier.


Some common rejection reasons are;


No response received within expected timescales to your D0155 flow, this could be due to system processing delays, contract clashes or other complications. In these scenarios, please contact our Utilities Team for further assistance.

If you have checked all of the above and have been unable to diagnose the break

point, please contact our Metering Team who will be able to provide additional guidance.

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