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 Meter Details 

Upon receipt of Meter Technical Details from the previous Meter Operator there are two scenarios when this will occur.


Change of Supplier (CoS)

If MOP receives a D0148 during the CoS process, we will send a D0170 to the previous Meter Operator which should trigger them to issue IMServ, the new Meter Operator, the Meter Technical Details i.e. D0268 or D0150/149/313. Once these details are received, MOPs systems should automatically process the flows and IMServ MOP will then send these onto the Supplier, Data Collector and Distributor.


Change of Agent (CoA)

In this scenario we expect the Supplier to send the D0170 to the previous Meter Operator, which should trigger the previous Meter Operator to send IMServ MOP the Meter Technical Details. The same process as above will then follow.

Some examples of why we wouldn’t have sent Meter Technical Details are;

The Meter Details received are in incorrect market i.e. the MPAN is registered as NHH and MOP receive a D0268 (HH MTDs).

- As the NHH MOP we should receive a D0149/D0150

- As the HH MOP we should receive a D0268


There are scenarios where the previous Meter Operator send NHH MTDs, however the meter is registered as an AMR capable meter and no matching D0313 has been issued by the previous Meter Operator.

This can cause flows to become stuck in the system and require manual intervention by MOP to determine if the meter should be “Dumb” or AMR capable.

If any of the above are the scenario you are in, please contact our Metering Team for assistance.


*In exceptional circumstances where Meter Technical Details are not sent by the previous Meter Operator, IMServ can accept flat files if this is the only way to resolve an issue

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