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 Meter Adoption 

The NHH AMR and HH Meter Adoption process requires an MPAN to pass two checks;

Check 1:

To confirm that the meter(s) associated to your MPAN meet a set of pre-defined criteria related to meter type, age and model.


Check 2:

To confirm that data can be remotely collected from the meter(s). If the first check fails we will not proceed with the second.

The SMETS Meter adoption process requires an MPAN to pass one check related to the Meter Type and age.

In order to understand why your meter(s) may have failed NHH AMR/SMETS or HH Adoption as part of Check 1

Please consider the following:


If your meter(s) meet the criteria explained above, we will move to Check 2 and complete a test dial to confirm that data can be remotely collected. If we are not immediately successful, we will re-attempt a series of test dials over a 3 week period to give us the best chance of success.


(Y) If we are able to complete a successful test dial we will pass Meter Adoption.

(N) If after the 3 week period we have not achieved a successful test dial we will fail Meter Adoption.


We will use the communications data from the Meter Details to complete test dials. If you have any further information relating to the communications data that you think might aid us achieving a successful dial please contact the Customer Care Team.

We can re-attempt a test dial if new data is obtained.

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