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 Incorrect Contract   References (Code ‘C’)

If your rejection flow references an incorrect Contract Reference, Service Reference or Service Level Reference there are a couple of things you may need to check;


  • Check that the Contract and Service References match the service that you would like to appoint us in. For example, HH AMR, NHH AMR or SMETS.


  • If the D0155 you sent has the correct service you require referenced in the flow, check that the format of the Contract References match the template IMServ has sent you. The Contract Reference, Service Reference and Service Level Reference all have to match the agreed format for the appointment to be accepted. If you identify a mismatch, please re send the D0155 with the correct references to IMServ.

If you have any questions regarding what Contract, Service or Service Level References you should use in your D0155, get in touch with your Commercial contact for assistance. If you are unsure who your Commercial contact is, please speak to our Utilities Team.

If you have checked all of the above and are still having some issues, please contact

our Metering Team.

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