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 Agreements (Code ‘N’) 

If you have received a D0261 rejection flow from IMServ based on Contractual Agreements, it is likely you do not have a contract with IMServ for the service you are trying to appoint us on. Get in touch with your own Commercial Team to check this before proceeding further.


  • (Y) If you do have an agreement in place.

This is most likely pending in our system to create a new service to allow us to accept your appointment flows, the standard SLA for this process is 2 full working days from receipt of your countersigned contract. In the instance that this period has lapsed and you have not heard from us, please contact our Metering team and they can then accept the appointment if the D0155 is re sent.


  • (N) If you do not have an agreement in place

Arrange for your commercial contact to get in touch with IMServ to discuss getting an agreement in place with us. If you are unsure who your key contact is, please speak to our Utilities Team.

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